Warehousing Advantages at a 3PL Transport Provider: White Glove Service

July 8, 2021

It is always helpful to overlap services using one Third Party Logistic (3PL) company where possible. Taking advantage of value-added services means a white glove logistics company combines your transportation, warehousing and distribution needs.

When you find one company with its own warehousing and better yet, its own rail service, time is better organized and communication between these services is easier. These aspects of your company become much faster to monitor.

Under one roof’ or ‘white glove’ 3PL transport and warehouse providers do much more than keeping products on your behalf, we will also:

3PL service providers have a professional understanding of the transportation and warehousing industries and the experience necessary to put the resources, systems and procedures in place, creating efficiency for everyone concerned.

  • Arrange and consolidate your products to be shipped out, providing order fulfilment for various retailers or companies
  • These distribution services, in particular, have proven to be a benefit to our clients
  • Utilize opportunities where possible to batch your partial shipments with other clients, saving everyone money.
  • Bilingual repackaging
  • Maintain product inventory
  • Batch number extensions
  • Repackage
  • Short or long-term storage



3PL transport and warehouse providers offer and manage more than the storage of your goods:

The ability to sort and inventory your products, repack and relabel them for shipping is an advantage for your business:

  • Relabeling products to reflect Canada’s bilingual packaging laws is a service at which Messenger Freight, as a 3PLer, is experienced and skilled. We ship food products for grocery stores, pet foods and pet supplies, big box, and farm retailers to name but a few.
  • Do you require lot or batch number extensions for new shipment introductions?
  • Sorting products for smaller distribution batches, and having inventory numbers at your fingertips helps you manage your company.


Experience is vital for the operation of warehousing services:

Now that you have placed your order for your goods, have you considered how to get it here and where you will store your shipment? Purchasing warehouse space is an investment of cash that you may not want to make at any time, let alone when you start a business. Save your money for business growth and expansion.

Read ‘What is the Difference Between a Freight broker, A Freight forwarder, and a 3PL Provider?’ to learn about which shipping method you should choose.

Will your product inventory increase over time? 3PL warehousing is a good solution since you can scale your space requirements as required. Whether you need a long-term storage partnership or a short-term storage solution, warehousing providers manage the logistics of warehousing using real-time tracking, so they have an inventory of your product at any time.

Messenger Freight is a proud member of the Ontario Trucking Association. We are known for providing the following trucking services:

  • Full truckload
  • Less-than-Truckload
  • Container
  • Container Chassis
  • Flat-Deck
  • Reefer
  • Van
  • Rail
  • Warehousing and Storage Services


Are you interested in the very cost-effective means of transportation of shipping by rail?

Messenger Freight has two rail lines located in our St. Thomas facility. We ship auto parts throughout North America and down to Mexico. Call us at our number below to find out more about shipping by rail.


Messenger Freight has two strategically located transport offices. Please call our St Thomas head office at (519) 631 9604 or our Cambridge facility at (519) 623 9604.